my recent pinterest projects

In wanting to decorate my new bedroom, I browsed Pinterest looking for wall decor ideas. And found a couple photo to canvas projects I wanted to try.

One of them I tried was this one – where you print your photo on tissue paper and then mod podge it onto a canvas.

(pinterest – a little bit funky)

Well, printing on tissue paper wasn’t quite as easy as described, at least with my printer. But eventually I got one that was “ok” and here’s how mine turned out. And I like it…

Another one I tried was this one…

(pinterest – A Beautiful Mess)

This time you print your photo on photo paper, and then using a gel medium attach it face side down to your canvas (you need to make sure the photo is reversible or print it in reverse). Then once it’s dry, using a spray bottle you soak the back of the print and rub off the backing paper. It turns out a little streaky, because sometimes little sections of the photo rub off also.

And here’s my interpretation…

I had planned to do this one using that method, but forgot when I printed it to print it in reverse. So I just mod podge’d it to the canvas.

And here’s a picture of them together on my wall…

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7 thoughts on “my recent pinterest projects

  1. I love how they all look together! Beautiful job!! The second one… did you print it at home or did you need to use a laser printer? I have only done this with laser prints, didn’t think ink jet prints would work as well.

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