crochet again?

I’m joining up with Ginny on her “yarn along“. I love to knit and love to read – but since I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time – I also love Audible.  I’ve started relistening to the “Wheel of Time” series.

I’ve been on a crochet kick lately, I started this afghan back in February (I think). It didn’t take too long to make the squares, I got so I could make one in about 35 minutes.


I used 4 different colorways of Bernat Mosaic yarn – all kind of “oceany” colors. I made 49 squares and am sewing it up in a 7 x 7 pattern. I had to order more yarn for attaching the squares and the border, so it’s been sitting for a couple weeks.


I am attaching the squares together by alternating single crochet into each square skipping a stitch on each side – along the whole row.


And now I’m attaching the squares in the other direction the same way.


I plan to do a couple rows around the outside once the squares are together to finish it off. I have to admit I’m not looking forward to all the loose ends…


Have a great week ~ So what are you knitting / crocheting / spinning / reading / listening to?

Check out some others at the ~  Yarn Along & WIP Wednesday with tami’s amis


3 thoughts on “crochet again?

  1. So pretty. I love oceany colors too. I just picked up a blanket I began a few years back and laid aside. It is a granny square sage and cream colors. I forgot how relaxing it can be to crochet.

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