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pallet fun

I’ve seen different pallet projects as I’ve browsed Pinterest, so when I saw this double size pallet behind where I work, I knew I wanted to do something with it. I liked that it was extra big,  had extra boards added and that some were broken.  I called my sister, and we lugged it home in her truck.

First, we had to decide where to put it,  we decided on a particular place in the living room, and luckily with adding 10″ legs, we could make one of the holes fit where we had a light switch.

Next to decide what to put on it, I knew I wanted some kind of words on it.  So again, I browsed Pinterest and came up with a couple ideas. The one we decided on was an Alphabetic List of things to BE. So I printed out the words in large fonts and began cutting them out with a razor blade to make stencils.

Well, that took hours and sore fingers, but finally I got them all cut out.

We decided on mostly black letters with the “alphabet” letter being a contrasting color, and then mixed it up a little by using white letters on a couple boards.

And here is how it turned out – we love it…


my recent pinterest projects

In wanting to decorate my new bedroom, I browsed Pinterest looking for wall decor ideas. And found a couple photo to canvas projects I wanted to try.

One of them I tried was this one – where you print your photo on tissue paper and then mod podge it onto a canvas.

(pinterest – a little bit funky)

Well, printing on tissue paper wasn’t quite as easy as described, at least with my printer. But eventually I got one that was “ok” and here’s how mine turned out. And I like it…

Another one I tried was this one…

(pinterest – A Beautiful Mess)

This time you print your photo on photo paper, and then using a gel medium attach it face side down to your canvas (you need to make sure the photo is reversible or print it in reverse). Then once it’s dry, using a spray bottle you soak the back of the print and rub off the backing paper. It turns out a little streaky, because sometimes little sections of the photo rub off also.

And here’s my interpretation…

I had planned to do this one using that method, but forgot when I printed it to print it in reverse. So I just mod podge’d it to the canvas.

And here’s a picture of them together on my wall…

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these are a few of my favorite things ~ from pinterest

I love little {& big} fountains ~ actually any moving water

Source: canadiangardening.com via Mary on Pinterest

This quilt is beautiful and reminds me of rain

Source: href=”http://www.funquilts.com/gallery/springrain.html”>funquilts.com via Mary on Pinterest

I have enjoyed making these flowers…

Source: simplyvintagegirl.com via Mary on Pinterest

and these are just too sweet

Source: ravelry.com via Mary on Pinterest

and I love these – they are sooooo “lemony”

Source: recipetips.com via Mary on Pinterest

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hibiscus silhouette canvas

I was wasting time browsing around on Pinterest and saw this idea, and followed it to this post

Normally most of the crafts I do are fiber related – quilting, knitting, spinning, sewing. But I thought this doesn’t seem too hard, I will try is for a couple Christmas presents.

Decoupaging the canvases was easy, if a little messy. I did manipulate my colors when I decoupaged so that they would work with the stencil – not just random colors.

Then to find the right image for the stencil. I first tried one and it was too busy, it had too many small “pieces” and I’m not that great with a paint brush. So I decoupaged over it.

The second one I tried, worked out better – but I traced it with thin-tipped permanent marker. It took probably 10 coats of paint to cover that (so on the second one I did, I used pencil).

Once the main color of paint was completed, I let them sit for a few days – trying to figure out if I was going to leave them plain, or embellish them with additional color. I decided to do some embellishing and I’m glad I did.

Here’s how one of them turned out ~ It was gifted to my brother & sister-in-law (who is from Hawaii).