pallet fun

I’ve seen different pallet projects as I’ve browsed Pinterest, so when I saw this double size pallet behind where I work, I knew I wanted to do something with it. I liked that it was extra big,  had extra boards added and that some were broken.  I called my sister, and we lugged it home in her truck.

First, we had to decide where to put it,  we decided on a particular place in the living room, and luckily with adding 10″ legs, we could make one of the holes fit where we had a light switch.

Next to decide what to put on it, I knew I wanted some kind of words on it.  So again, I browsed Pinterest and came up with a couple ideas. The one we decided on was an Alphabetic List of things to BE. So I printed out the words in large fonts and began cutting them out with a razor blade to make stencils.

Well, that took hours and sore fingers, but finally I got them all cut out.

We decided on mostly black letters with the “alphabet” letter being a contrasting color, and then mixed it up a little by using white letters on a couple boards.

And here is how it turned out – we love it…


my recent pinterest projects

In wanting to decorate my new bedroom, I browsed Pinterest looking for wall decor ideas. And found a couple photo to canvas projects I wanted to try.

One of them I tried was this one – where you print your photo on tissue paper and then mod podge it onto a canvas.

(pinterest – a little bit funky)

Well, printing on tissue paper wasn’t quite as easy as described, at least with my printer. But eventually I got one that was “ok” and here’s how mine turned out. And I like it…

Another one I tried was this one…

(pinterest – A Beautiful Mess)

This time you print your photo on photo paper, and then using a gel medium attach it face side down to your canvas (you need to make sure the photo is reversible or print it in reverse). Then once it’s dry, using a spray bottle you soak the back of the print and rub off the backing paper. It turns out a little streaky, because sometimes little sections of the photo rub off also.

And here’s my interpretation…

I had planned to do this one using that method, but forgot when I printed it to print it in reverse. So I just mod podge’d it to the canvas.

And here’s a picture of them together on my wall…

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I’ve been a little quiet around here for the last couple weeks because

  • I just moved ~ from a 24ft travel trailer into a 3 bed 2 bath house with my sister
  • Lots of time taken getting settled in and unpacking
  • and I’ve been in some sort of funk ~ not doing my crafty stuff or blog stuff, just wanting to veg out with stupid computer games
  • I have gotten a couple little projects off my to-do list – YEAH!!
  • and this last Saturday, I canned salsa

My dad grows a BIG garden every year and as usual about this time of year is over-run with tomatoes. So I made up a batch of fresh salsa (not cooked), using tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers and onions from his garden, plus some spices. I gave him these 5 jars (3 cup size) on Sunday and last night he told me 2 were already empty. These were not “canned”, just left fresh and refrigerated – they will be “gone” within a week.

I also canned a batch of salsa – I use the same recipe, but I fire roasted the tomatoes, peppers and onions first. Peeled and chopped everything up, added seasonings, cooked and water-bathed it.

I ended up with making 48 cups of salsa – 15 fresh and 33 canned – equivalent to 24 pints. And I have to say, it is so much nicer having a full size kitchen to can in versus a small trailer size kitchen!!

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munchkin friends

I’ve made a few of these (it’s hard to make just one) for some little friends.

pattern by Heather ~ yarn misc sock yarn ends

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where do you hide your stash?

I thought I would show you where I keep hide my stash. I have couple Longaberger baskets like you see here full of yarn. The blue bins are full of yarn or WIPs. My puppy, Buddy likes to be in the middle of whatever I’m doing. Most things I make have a few white dog hairs in them.

The brown tub is about 1/2 full of my homespun yarn (remember, most of it is for sale in my etsy shop).

Some of my knitting & spinning library…

My spinning fiber cupboard, I need to get spinning.

Here’s how I store my knitting needles, I have two zip close 3 ring binders and a bunch of zip close pockets. I use 1 pocket per size to keep my circulars, double-pointed and straights (if they fit). I have to admit that I have a basket that they get tossed in when I’m not using them, and occasionally I take the time to size them and put them all away.

And I have this tub out in my shed for the rest of my yarn ~ phew I better get knitting. Due to life circumstances, I probably won’t be buying much until next year, but thankfully I don’t think I will run out…  he he he

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a footstool transformation

I told a friend, who is a garage sale expert, that I was looking for a foot-stool. And a week or so later, he gave me this one (thanks, Uncle Bob).

Last night I got everything together to recover the foot stool. I planned to recover it with denim, that I had in my stash (don’t you just love stashes). I had some foam left over from a previous project. I borrowed a staple gun from my sister. I started the process at 7:45pm.

First, I took the wood base/legs off and found that one of the four screws was missing. And then I began to remove the staples, always my “favorite” part of any project.

54 staples later and the fabric and what was foam came off. The foam was so old it was disintegrating at the touch.

I used the original board base, and cut new foam to fit it. I used 2 layers of foam, I wanted it to be thicker.

And then I cut the denim, again I doubled the fabric, so it was a little sturdier. I layered the denim, the foam, and then the wood base. And began to stretch the fabric around the foam, stapling it to the base.

Then the extra fabric was trimmed away, and the leg base screwed back on (I still need to find another screw). And at 8:45pm, it was completed.

It’s plain, but I like it, and it is more comfortable under my feet now that the foam is replaced. Eventually I want to recover my rocking chair with denim fabric also. But that’s for another day…

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scavenger hunt sunday 4/1

Here are my scavenger hunt finds ~

CLOUDS ~ I love sky and clouds and tree silhouettes

SEVEN ~ yellow daisies, so cheerful

SUNFLARE ~ this one is from a couple weeks ago, I didn’t catch any flare this week, I love the rainbow colors

HIGH ANGLE ~ this fungus is so interesting looking, I like the angle down the side of the barrel

LOW ANGLE ~ rip it, rip it from a different angle

 It was fun looking through this last week’s pictures to find ones that fit the scavenger items ~ come on over to Ashley’s blog and check out some others