sour pickles

In between packing to move and normal life, I started 6 quarts of sour (garlicky dill) pickles. I’ve made pickles in the past, using vinegar and seasoning, and regular canning methods.

But this time I wanted to try naturally fermented pickles, so I did a little googling. These are the two posts I mainly worked from:

Wild Fermentation ~ making sour pickles  & Nourished Kitchen ~ sour pickles

How I did it ~

Ingredients & Supplies ~ cucumbers (from my father’s garden), garlic cloves, fresh dill, dried dill weed, sea salt, grape leaves, mason jars, small ziplock bags, water, gloves

  • I cleaned the jars I expected to use.
  • I rinsed off the grape leaves, and put one in the bottom of each jar.
  • Then the gloves went on, because I didn’t want my hands to smell like garlic for the next week, and I peeled and sliced up 2 bulbs of garlic.
  • A few slices of garlic, a few springs of dill and a shake or two of dried dill went into the jar.
  • Then I washed cucumbers and started slicing. I filled the jar about half way.
  • And then did another few slices of garlic, a few springs of dill and a shake or two of dried dill.
  • I added more cucumber slices, up to about 1″ from top of jar.
  • And then did another few slices of garlic, a few springs of dill and a shake or two of dried dill.
  • This all got topped off with another grape leaf.
  • I took an extra cleaned quart jar, filled it with filtered water and 3 tablespoons of sea salt. Put the lid on and shook it until the salt was dissolved in the water.
  • The salt water was added to each jar, to the top.
  • One main issue is making sure that all the cucumbers stay below the water level. So I took small ziplock bags, put a little water in them and set them in the top of each jar. This causes a little splash over of the salt water, so it’s a good idea to put your jars on some kind of tray or pan to catch the overflow.
  • The jars are left out on your counter or where ever for 7-10 days until they are the sour-ness you like and then they are put in the refrigerator.
  • You will need to top off the water probably each day due to evaporation, and don’t be concerned about a little bit of bubbles and foam the first few days. That just means the good bacteria is getting to work and the fermentation is beginning.
  • The recipes call for soaking the cucumbers in ice water for a couple hours prior to canning, I just chilled them in the refrigerator.

Let me know if you have made anything by natural fermentation before ~ pickles, sour kraut, kefir…

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3 thoughts on “sour pickles

  1. Found you from Sorta Crunchy’s linkup – I’ve made a couple of batches of soured pickles myself this summer- love them. I use jalapeños in mine, as well as cucumbers. Just made a gallon jar full again yesterday. It’s a great way to use up dukes from the garden.

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