where do you hide your stash?

I thought I would show you where I keep hide my stash. I have couple Longaberger baskets like you see here full of yarn. The blue bins are full of yarn or WIPs. My puppy, Buddy likes to be in the middle of whatever I’m doing. Most things I make have a few white dog hairs in them.

The brown tub is about 1/2 full of my homespun yarn (remember, most of it is for sale in my etsy shop).

Some of my knitting & spinning library…

My spinning fiber cupboard, I need to get spinning.

Here’s how I store my knitting needles, I have two zip close 3 ring binders and a bunch of zip close pockets. I use 1 pocket per size to keep my circulars, double-pointed and straights (if they fit). I have to admit that I have a basket that they get tossed in when I’m not using them, and occasionally I take the time to size them and put them all away.

And I have this tub out in my shed for the rest of my yarn ~ phew I better get knitting. Due to life circumstances, I probably won’t be buying much until next year, but thankfully I don’t think I will run out…  he he he

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20 thoughts on “where do you hide your stash?

  1. I love seeing how other people manage their stash – I posted about this a few weeks ago. I don’t have much of a stash but it’s mainly hidden in bags behind the sofa and chair in my Cwtch.

  2. What is it about seeing other people’s stash? I am always intrigued by what they have and how they store it. I love the way you store your needles. I have them all in a shopping bag and find it really painful to find the ones I am looking for. Your solution looks really clever and I think I will give it a go

  3. Loved seeing your books 🙂 I’ve just finished “Free-Ranged Knitter” myself and LOVED it! I’ll have to check out some of her other books now 🙂

  4. Stash storage is a WIP in my house! I keep trying to find a better way, especially since I add to it far faster than I remove from it! Love your visible system!

  5. My stash is in zipper lock linen bags behind my couch and in the bottom of my closet..and as of today I’m storing all my needles and equipment in a binder as you’ve shown…what a clever idea and great way to get organized. thanks..


  6. Mine is due for a re-vamp of storage because we’re about to have new fired wardrobes so I need to move the stash out of the cupboard in my room. I’m still thinking about where to put it all but in the mean time am trying to knit and crochet my way through it!

  7. Love your storage ideas! I keep my yarn on a shelf (it’s full…), BUT it’s out in the open and tends to collect a little dust, so I may have to follow your lead and use some bins. It’s just that it looks so pretty on the shelf!

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