oscar the owl

I’m joining up with Ginny on her “yarn along“. I love to knit and love to read – but since I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time – I also love Audible. I’m still listening to Lee Child’s – Jack Reacher books, I really enjoy them. And I am continuing to read the series I’m borrowing from my sister, I’m up to book 8 ~ Street Game by Christine Feehan.

I was reading through the blog posts in my reader this morning and came across this one by Linda @ Natural Suburbia. She shared a sweet little pattern for a knitted owl, and I happened to have a little time and the perfect little ball of yarn with me. Within about 45 minutes, Oscar the owl was ready to be stuffed. I had to wait until I got home to do the stuffing, but I think he turned out really cute.

Thank you Linda for sharing…

So what are you knitting / crocheting / spinning / reading / listening to?

Check out some others at the ~  Yarn Along & WIP Wednesday with tami’s amis


7 thoughts on “oscar the owl

  1. Love the owl–too cute! I will have to check out Linda’s pattern. 🙂

    I can knit while reading as long as the knitting is something vanilla–garter or stockinette or rib without shaping. Right now I’m knitting lace and have to keep my eye on the charts, so reading is a no-go. 🙂

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