a little weaving ~ a little spinning

I’m joining up with Ginny on her “yarn along“. I love to knit and love to read – but since I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time – I also love Audible. I finished listening to Insurgent by Veronica Roth and am reading Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan which is book 4 of a series I’m borrowing from my sister.

I haven’t had a much time for fiber fun over the last week, and this week isn’t much better. My cousin got married last weekend, and I did the flowers. And this weekend a friend is getting married, and I’m doing her flowers. So my mind has been focusing on that.

I did do a little weaving on my Kauni project. It was very warm hot in my little trailer, so I pulled it all outside, at least there was a breeze out there…

And I pulled out a spindle and have been doing a little spindling of some Rambouillet cross fiber I picked up a year or so ago. It was a light/dark natural color that I dyed red in my crock pot last summer. I like the different shades that developed.

I hope you all have a good week and that I survive this weekend…

So what are you knitting / crocheting / spinning / reading / listening to?

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7 thoughts on “a little weaving ~ a little spinning

  1. Oh my – love the spun product – those colours are gorgeous. Makes me want to collect my spinning wheel and try again.
    Thanks for sharing

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