the magic of blocking

I have been working on and off on this project, since January.

It’s been one of my “traveling” projects. It has gone with me to work, to church, to family and friend’s homes. It is an easy pattern, only two rows to remember and it is easy to see what you need to do from your knitting.

I finally finished it on Monday – YEAH!  The stitch pattern causes a very squishy fabric if it is left unblocked.  And I may use this stitch pattern again sometime for a scarf – when squishy is what I’m looking for. But this one is getting blocked. Pre-blocked it’s measurements were approximately 46″ wide x 20″ deep.

I do my blocking at work, I work for a window glass company (Enterprize Glass Company).  When I first got to work today, I got the shawl soaking. Because the guys still were in the shop, I didn’t want to use the bathroom sink, which is my normal soaking location.  So an old coffee pot got used.

After soaking for about 45 minutes, and the guys were out of the shop. I pulled out my cardboard cutting board and got busy.

I like the grids, they help me keep things even. My board is a little warped, from the moisture of blocking items on it, but it works.

And it’s blocked, I used all my pins on this one, and had to dig into my needles and safety pins to get it all stretched out.

The blocked dimensions are 68″ wide x 28″ deep – this one really grew with the blocking. And I love how the stars really show up after it’s blocked.

and more stars…

I hope everyone has a good week, see you all next week…

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11 thoughts on “the magic of blocking

  1. That is a great way to block… never thought of it! I’m gonna have to get one of those boards – a new one, as my old one got tossed after my boys used it for a tent many years ago… lol! Thanks for showing it!

  2. Beautiful! I love the soaking took place in the coffee pot. Mine is always busy making coffee. I don’t know if I could put anything else in it 😉 I wonder what my co-workers would say if I blocked a project at work. hmmm, must try.

  3. fantastic stitch pattern – i love seeing blocking before and after. And how hilarious you do it at work! I think my work colleagues would think I was a crazy person if I tried it!!

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