weaving with kauni

The loom I got is a 24″ Kromski Harp, and so far I have just woven narrower items ~ a couple wash clothes, a table runner,a couple scarves. I wanted to try a wider project, so I dug into my stash and pulled out two balls of Kauni 8/2 in a purple/blue/raspberry/green colorway.

Now to figure out how wide and long you can weave something, with a specific amount of yardage takes a little math. There are about 430 yards per ball. The heddle I have is a 10 dent, which means 10 warp threads per inch. After some calculations, I figured I could do a length of fabric ~ 22″ wide by about 75″ long. We shall see how it ends up turning out.

The Harp is set up with holes on the back and comes with pegs, so it can be used as a warping board ~ to measure out your warp yarn. You can configure the pegs any way you need to, to get the length of warp you are wanting. And then you just wrap the yarn back and forth around the pegs. But to get 22″ of fabric at 10 threads per inch ~ that’s 220 times.

Next you have to get the warp/yarn onto the loom ~ this is called warping the loom. And it’s not a very fast process, at least not yet for me. It would be faster if I would remember to warp, front to back, so I’m tying off my back ends first. Then I don’t have to run the warp through the heddle twice to get setup. I didn’t take pictures of this process. But this next picture shows the warping complete and you can see the lovely graduated coloring of the Kauni. I love it’s long graduated colorways.

Next I wove about two inches with waste yarn, which evens out the warp yarns. That’s as far as I went Monday evening. It was prepped and ready to go.

Wednesday evening I wove for a couple hours and was reminded that Kauni yarn is a little sticky. It likes to hold onto itself, so the warp yarns don’t separate as smoothly when you change your heddle position. That means I have to be a little more careful to make sure they are all where they are supposed to be. I ended up weaving about 9″ on Wednesday. It is a good beginning of this project, hopefully it continues to go reasonably smoothly…

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to weave… and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing. ~ Louisa May Alcott

I hope everyone has a good week, see you all next week…

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