woven table runner

Let me tell you – weaving something may go faster than knitting the same thing,

but the set-up time is longer….

I should take pictures next time to show you, it’s a little challenging in my little trailer.

So I began Monday evening – first the warp was too long for the amount of yarn I had, and had to pull it all out and start over, but finally three hours later, my loom was warped ready to start weaving.

I warped it with a black cotton/rayon blend yarn (Class by Aslan Trends) and used red Class and a tan linen blend for the weft. Next time I want to experiment with multi-colors in the warp.

I worked on it Monday evening and finished it Wednesday evening. It ended up 10″ wide by 42″ long. I took it to work on Thursday, soaked it and blocked it.

I need to do a little fray check and trimming to the yarn ends on the back and then it will be done. It turned out pretty good for my third weaving project. But my edges still need some work, they are a little wonky…

I hope everyone has a good week, see you all next week…

I plan to share with ~ In the Studio-Sneek Peek FridayCreative FridayFiber Arts FridayFibers on Friday,  F O FridayFriday Fiber Arts

9 thoughts on “woven table runner

  1. {coming from Studio JRU} I love that you are continuing such a beautiful heirloom craft…I don’t know if I would have the patience! Your project looks wonderful!

  2. Wow… your work is beautiful!! Cindy is right… you must have been gifted with amazing patience to do projects like this! 🙂

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