counting thanks 943 ~ 961

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above ~

~ for the sewing skills my mom taught me when I was young

~ beautiful days and cool evenings

~ little bit of rain

~ a quick spin & knit project – 1 week from fiber to shawlette

~ fans and open windows

~ indoor plumbing & flushy (it sure helps with the “fragrance” issues with trailer restrooms)

~  a neighbor letting me borrow his lawn mower so I could attack the jungle that was my yard

~ blooming flowers everywhere I look

~ Audible and the joy of audio books

~ Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese – yum yum

~ the Anchor holds, though the ship is battered, the Anchor holds, though the sails are torn, i have fallen on my knees, as i faced the raging seas, the Anchor holds, in spite of the storm

~ getting the opportunity to begin planning flowers for two of my cousin’s weddings, lots of fun

~ watching my puppy at the dog park, he wore himself out!!

~ for a nap this afternoon


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