3KCBWDAY5 – Improving your Skillset

3KCBWDAY5 – Improving your Skillset


How far down the road to learning your craft do you believe yourself to be?


I know it’s getting late in the day but here’s my post anyway.

I crocheted as a child, and tried to learn to knit but it didn’t click. Then about 8 years ago, I read The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber, and got the bug to learn to knit. So I bought a “kids learn to knit ” book and taught myself . There were many garter scarfs to begin with, many out of novelty yarn. When I first began to knit I wasn’t very particular about the yarn I used, just whatever felt nice or was pretty.

I took a project class  from one of the LYS and knit a short sleeved top ~ and learned that I was twisting my stitches. I got that squared around and continued to learn. I also became more selective with the yarn I liked to knit with.

I figure I am an intermediate knitter ~ I love knitting lace and can knit from written or charted patterns. I generally can read my knitting. And I have become a self-proclaimed “yarn snob”.

I love knitting lace shawls, and watching the miracle of blocking…

Are you comfortable with what you know or are you always striving to learn new skills and add to your knowledge base?


I haven’t tried intarsia or colorwork or double knitting, maybe this year. It would be fun to take a couple classes. I am hoping to get into a Thursday workshop at SOAR this year, it’s finally within diving distance from where I live. YEAH!!


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