cotton weaving

I’m joining up with Ginny on her “yarn along“. I love to knit and love to read – but since I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time – I also love Audible. And I have been listening to Riptide by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

I succumbed to the temptation of weaving – I bought a Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. The first warp I ran with was kitchen cotton and it was a little thick for the 10 dent heddle. The yarn didn’t flow as smoothly through the heddle as would be liked.

 I ran 8″ of warp and then wove these three items on the same warp, one washcloth and a two towel size.

The warp was solid white and the weft was a multi-colored ~ green, blue, yellow and white. On this last one I tried a couple rows of leno, it give interest to the towel.

So far, my impressions are that the setup takes a little while but the weaving goes pretty fast. I wove these items in an evening.

I posted a couple of these pictures on my other blog last week, but wanted to describe it in a little more detail here.

So what are you knitting / crocheting / spinning / reading / listening to?

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9 thoughts on “cotton weaving

  1. I’ve never tried weaving, except as a child on a tiny frame. I see so many people weaving these days, online and it is so appealing. Something the size of that loom would be manageable for me. What you’ve produced looks lovely. Maybe next Christmas I’ll have a good idea for what I want 😉

  2. I should follow your example and start listening to audio books while I knit. That’s a really great idea! The towel set looks wonderful. I really like the coloring in your weave.

  3. Ooh, lovely weaving. Both a loom and an audible subscription are on my birthday list this year! I really want to give weaving a go, and your towels look great.

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