angry birds

I’m joining up with Ginny on her “yarn along“. I love to knit and love to read – but since I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time – I also love Audible.

Last week this yarn didn’t know what it wanted to be made into. But this week it’s cooperating, and so far it has survived the frog pond, I like how it is going. I haven’t worked on it much, this is my away from home knitting right now.

I also cast-on for a red Angry Bird, thinking I would make a couple for some youngsters I know, but it is turning out quite a bit bigger than I anticipated. I think I will rework the pattern, so it is smaller, if I decide to make more of them.

As far as my reading this week, I’ve been catching up on my subscriptions…

So what are you knitting / crocheting / spinning / reading / listening to?

Check out some others at the ~  Yarn Along & WIP Wednesday with tami’s amis


14 thoughts on “angry birds

  1. Glad to see the project with the beautiful wool is moving forward! It looks really interesting with the two different colourways joining through the cable!


  2. Agggh! Don’t inspire me to knit an Angry Bird. Yours is looking too cute and my son loves the game. I am re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris in anticipation of the new book in May and the new season of True Blood.

    • cute angry birds! I am crocheting a prayer shawl, holding red and black yarn together; quilting a wall hanging for daughter (age 22, my youngest); reading my Everyday Bible by Joyce Meyer every morning: just finished reading A Season of Love by Amy Clipston

  3. That angry bird is hilarious! Do you like Audible? I have a few audiobooks from iTunes, but since I started to listen to audiobooks while working out, I need more audiobooks. I’ve been looking at the subscription plans (they have a three month special rate offer right now), but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

    • I LOVE audible – I have used it for about 8 years now. I think their rates are real competitive and they have a large selection of books available. Thanks for visiting, come again…

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