chipotle spun

The spinning wheel is still turning….

And I have to say ~ I think this is my favorite yarn that I have spun so far

I started out with three 4oz braids of fiber ~ again frabjous fiber ~ different fibers all dyed the same colorway : Chipotle

Left to right ~ polworth, tri-colored blue faced leichester, and merino/nylon sparkle

The polworth, I didn’t split the braid – I just spun it straight from one end to the other, so I ended up with really long color runs. The other two fibers – I split many times, so they had shorter color changes. I ended up with 3 pretty full bobbins.

You can see in this picture the long color runs on the polworth, still on the left. I like the tweediness (I know, it’s not a word) of the tri-color in the middle. And the sparkle in the merino/sparkle on the right.

So I spun these into a three ply that ended up 15 wpi, which seems to be my default thickness of yarn. The next batch I do, I’m gonna work on making a thicker yarn. I filled 1 bobbin and about half of a 2nd one.

I plyed & plyed ~ until the tri-color ran out. I thought it would probably be the first to go, as the fiber has more texture, it was just a tad thicker, not so you could notice by looking at it.  I had a little polworth left but more merino, so I spun a 4ply with the rest by navajo plying the merino with a single of the polworth. After getting a workout using the niddy-noddy, I ended up with 2 skeins totaling 1000 yards of the 3ply and a sweet little 38 yard skein of the 4 ply.

Isn’t it cute? Last weekend I was over at my sister’s for a family get-together. I took my wheel and was spinning, and there was a lively little conversation sparked by my brother about whether I was spinning yarn or thread. Well, whatever I was spinning ~ I love how it turned out!

I hope everyone has a good week, see you all next week…

I plan to share with ~ In the Studio-Sneek Peek FridayCreative FridayFiber Arts FridayFibers on Friday,  F O Friday, Friday Fiber Arts


10 thoughts on “chipotle spun

  1. Awesome post! Loved seeing how the 3 different fiber dyed using the same color. Very interesting how you divided the 3 skeins up and how differently they spun up. Love the finished 3 ply yarn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooohh this is gorgeous! I have some fiery red polworth at home but not quite enough of it to make enough yardage as I would like, so I am going to mix it with some of my merino now that I’ve seen what you’ve done! Amazing colorway!

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