my reflection

my reflection ~ on where I come from…

  • I come from a family that sticks together
  • from favorite Sunday lunches of chicken & rice or Grandma’s meatloaf & potatoes
  • from camping with grandparents and family
  • I come from weekly Bible Story Time at “Grandma Washcloths” house, Sis Cindie’s house and my own home
  • from playing Swiss Family Robinson with childhood friends
  • from a back-yard garden of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
  • I come from the family that always had room for others, we had 10-15 individuals or families stay with us for weeks or months, that I can remember
  • from playing Uno, Skipbo, Rummy, May I and 5 Crowns for hours
  • from listening to “old-fashioned” radio, and audio tapes – Bill Cosby and Louis L’Amour being favorites
  • I come from Thanksgiving get-togethers that started on Wednesday evening and went through Saturday – with a lot of laughter and stories and no fights or alcohol
  • from visiting Grandpa & Grandma #1 for a week in the summer, floating in the creek on an inflatable raft, reading, drinking pepsi light and eating sunflower seeds
  • I come from a Mom who made many of my clothes and then taught me to sew
  • from a Dad who could make anything out of metal you showed him a picture of
  • from family road trips to Montana, Yellowstone, Disneyland and family get-togethers
  • I come from working together in our family business until just recently when we had to close it
  • from a church family that I’ve been a part of since before I was born, that rallied around and prayed for me when I was born 9 weeks early and the nurse said “I wouldn’t make it”
  • from working a summer as household help for an invalid shut-in
  • I come from a Mom who passed on her love of the ocean and watching the waves
  • from a Dad who’s positive outlook on life, willingness to just deal with what came along without blaming others and strong faith~trust that God has everything under control
  • I come from the smell of welding and of chocolate brownies still warm and gooey from the oven
  • from playing clarinet in the band at school and in the band at church, wishing I’d learned sax
  • from a belief in God’s amazing grace that saved a wretch like me, that taught my heart to fear and then relieved my fears, that brought me through many dangers, toils and snares, and I know it will bring me Home

taking this prompt from Ann’s post


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