a little miscellany…

saturday was a good day, kind of a relax and rejuvenate day. i started out at the farmer’s market ~ where i wandered, took pictures and got some fruit/vege’s for the week.

then i wandered over to old folsom, a small historical town near sacramento, and walked the streets ~ taking pictures and wandering through shops. i noticed that the local small theatre is doing ~anne of green gables~ and got tickets for next weekend. that should be fun…

on my way into old folsom, i had passed an interesting looking bridge along the bike trail, and thought i’d stop and walk the trail a little and take some more pictures (see a theme here, it was a day for photos). i love the architectural lines and the heavy metal of the bridge. i had fun with the shadows…

then it was back home for a little while until it was time to take my buddy in for a bath and haircut, he’s been looking a little shaggy and having a hard time seeing through his “bangs”.

while he was getting spiffed up i went to my favorite yarn shop ~ babetta’s and got a little fiber fix

and then went to the park and walked by the american river, watching the sun light bounce off the water. this was one of my favorite pictures i took, i like the contrast of the tree and log on the left with the reflections in the water …

then i went home and made a big pot of soup, it will be lunch for the week, full of vege’s…

i started with onions and bell peppers, sauted in a little olive oil ~ sliced up a link of sausage ~ added a couple carrots, sliced thin ~ the last little bit of celery i had including the leaves all chopped up ~ some broccoli and cauliflower ~ a can of corn ~ a jar of home canned tomatoes ~ and a jar of chicken broth ~ dumped in some italian seasoning, garlic, cumin, and a few chili flakes, i like a little spice ~ and then let it simmer a while

i didn’t take any pictures while it was cooking, but here’s a jar I brought for lunch today

i got the call that buddy was ready for pick up, he’s looking so much neater, all soft and trimmed up

and then home for the night, to a bowl of soup, a couple girls scout cookies, and forever getting all my photos off my phone. i’m going to have to find a faster way to do it.

it was a beautiful day, so thankful for the time to just wander…

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


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