counting thanks 846 ~ 871

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above ~

~ my roots ~ my parents, and grandparents, my church family ~ I am so blessed…

~ little kids enthusiasm

~ talks with friends

~ a big project at work is completed

~  the new shrimp dish at Panda Express, it’s yummy

~ I saw my little hummingbird friend again, flitting around the trees at work, I think there must be a nest

~ that my yarn stuff is a little more organized

~ my new little friend at work

~ the yarn I got from my Grandma #1 should be enough for the project I want to do with it (and if it is not, it is still available in stores)

~ for changes in plans

~  for being grafted into the True Vine

~  for photos and memories

~ for family night and laughter (Jimboy Tacos & shirt sleeves)

~  for Mom’s meatloaf and strawberry shortcake

~ glad I can be an eagle (not a chicken)

~  for a borrowed pole trimmer (now if i can find someone to help haul-off a pile of limbs)

~ the little birds are really enjoying the brush pile

~  the enjoyment of having someone else wash my hair

~ for another knitting project completed, my “dreadlock scarf”

~ glad that the cough I’ve had is just about gone

~ that the little birds have found my bird feeders, it is so fun to watch them and hear them

~ for the song “Blessing

~ for dog parks and little dogs my Buddy can play with

~ that I can by clay in the Potter’s hand, willing to be molded and remade


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