scavenger hunt sunday

Here are my scavenger hunt finds ~CROSSED ~ This is the entrance to a path that leads to where my grandfather is buried, I went there last weekend.
A GLIMPSE ~ I was taking a picture of my grandmother’s green-house through the glass, trying to get a picture of some of her plants. But it is interesting how the reflection show glimpses of other things.
GREY ~ This is a shawl I am working on and the yarn is such a lovely silver grey.
HANDWRITTEN ~ This card is a blessing I received, in it 10 friends all wrote a note of appreciation for me…
BLISS ~ I actually did a post about this one earlier this week, my most blissful moment of the day, is the first moment when I get in bed at night, stretch out and my body says ~ aahhhhhh….

It was fun looking through this last week’s pictures to find ones that fit the scavenger items ~ come on over to Ashley’s blog and check out some others


8 thoughts on “scavenger hunt sunday

  1. That gray yarn is beautiful and you set-up the shot really nicely! What a charming place to visit your grandfather’s grave…it looks very peaceful and pretty there.

  2. Well spotted on your finds for this week’s hunt. The entrance to your grandfather’s burial site is beautiful, and it is fun to get a glimpse of other things in the reflection of your grandmother’s greenhouse.

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