spectra & storage

Today I thought I’d show you another “work in progress”, I have a few… I really should focus on finishing some of them up, instead of casting on another. This one is Spectra by Stephen West. I really like the shape of this one, the spirally nature of it. The yarns I bought at my favorite local yarn shop, Babetta’s. The rainbow yarn I’m using is Marks & Kattens ~ FAME trend, the colors are very jewel toned. And I don’t remember what the brown yarn is, I’ve misplaced the ball band. This one is fun to do, you get caught up in watching the colors change.

I also thought I’d show you where I store my shawls and scarfs. They were starting to pile up, as it seems that is all I have wanted to knit for the last year. And I’m living in a 24′ travel trailer, which is very much storage challenged. So I measured the one area of wall that I thought a small shelf would fit and then went to Target. And I found  one that worked. Then I asked my father to make me some hooks to hang my scarfs from it by. And here’s what I have…
I hope everyone has a good week, see you all next week…

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20 thoughts on “spectra & storage

  1. What a fantastic storage solution!
    You have so many wonderful scarves and shawls, you need a very cold day so you can wear a few of them at a time…(or maybe just a chance to dance the ‘dance of the seven veils’?) Giggle.

  2. That is a great storage system. I was just thinking that I have so many knit goods that I need a better way to store/display them since my dresser is overflowing.

    Your Spectra is GORGEOUS! I love the colors you chose. A few of my friends are knitting it right now and I love the look….must resist until current projects are done.

  3. OMG….that’s a huge mound of shawls. I keep saying I’m going to make myself one. I did finally buy yarn though, it’s a start.
    The one on the table is very interesting, the colors are awesome.

  4. Your collection of shawls is as exciting to see as my pile-o-socks. Doesn’t it give you a great feeling what you’ve accomplished? I love that Spectra, Stephen West is a genius. My favorite of your shawls is the pink/blue/yellow stripe one. What pattern is that?

  5. The colours on that spectra are just breathtaking, and it’s so cool to see all your shawls and scarves—I’m just starting to make my own wearable stuff, and I hope to have such a beautiful cornucopia of them someday. (But am similarly short on storage space, yikes.)

  6. That is so beautiful! I love the the colors change. You have so many gorgeous things on your shelves! So full of pretty colors. I do the same thing… start too many projects without finishing what I have started! lol 🙂

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