counting thanks 820 ~ 845

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above ~

~ 3 gifts found behind a door ~ getting to play with flowers, the warmth and coziness in my home, indoor bathroom (so thankful on these cold mornings)

~ 3 ways I feel the love of God ~ when we gather together to worship, when I read His promises, and when I talk with Him in my private prayer time

~ a gift in losing something ~ the loss of 5#, always a blessing

~ a gift in finding something ~ a neat glass container that I used for a small dish garden

~ a gift in making something ~ love working with my hands to create beautiful things

~ gifts found giving / serving ~ I love working in Bible Story Time with the 2-3 year olds, helping in the kitchen for our annual fellowship meeting and revivals

~ 3 gifts on paper ~ God’s words, any books (especially craft, cooking and fiction), the list my sister gave me of things she appreciates about me

~ a gift that was “plan b” ~ when our family business had to close, God opened up a simpler more peaceful path

~ other thanks ~ a visit with my Grandma, taking the trip with my sister, talking and singing on the way, a walk in the woods, ladybugs, birds at feeders and in the trees, a walk by the river, taking photos, being able to help my siblings with their taxes, flash drives and memory cards


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