a walk in the woods

This weekend, my sister and I went to visit our Grandma. It was a good visit, a time of sharing what is going on in each other’s life. Grandma is preparing to move, and is ready to pass on some of our inheritance, so we got to pick out some treasures. We helped Grandma with some computer stuff, and had some yummy soup she made. I particularly enjoyed watching the birds at the feeder out on the deck railing. We also went for a walk, down around the pond, and to the area where my Grandpa is buried. It was a beautiful walk through the woods, with the sound of the creek running this time of year. Matilda the dachshund, and Mr Carter the cat walked with us. On the way back, we saw an area that was just filled with clusters of lady bugs, it was amazing to see. I’m very glad we took the time to go visit.

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