playing with color ~ part 3

About a year ago, I did two posts (playing with color & playing with color-part 2), and since I finally took pictures of the finished shawl, I thought I would do a follow-up…

Just to refresh your memories ~ I started with this ~

Which I spun into this ~

And then began knitting this ~

Which grew into this ~

These last three show the colors more accurately ~

I started spinning the yarn in late November~early December 2010, and finished spinning the yarn the first part of February 2011. I had approximately 1800 yards of the 2ply with white yarn and about 700 yards of the 3ply solid yarn.

I then knit the shawl from February to May 2011. I wish I had kept track of the hours it took to make this. It is a variety of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl and ended up between 80-90″ around. I just kept knitting until I used up the yarn, and I cut it pretty close. I only had about 1 foot left of the yarn, I was binding off with, after I was done.

When I was blocking it (which was on the floor of an empty room), I found 1 dropped stitch about half way up the shawl. It got sewn in place with it’s neighbor using matching thread.

I haven’t used it yet. But occasionally, I pull it off the shelf and pet and fondle it.

I just added to my Ravelry projects ~ Rainbow Pi Shawl

I plan to share with ~ In the Studio-Sneek Peek Friday, Creative Friday, Fiber Arts Friday, Fibers on Friday, {friday} Favorite Things, F O Friday, Made by You Monday


33 thoughts on “playing with color ~ part 3

  1. This project is a true inspiration—worth every moment of how long it took to make, and so, so beautiful at every stage of its life! The colours are so wonderful and vibrant, your spinning and knitting are beautiful, and you absolutely can’t beat a rainbow for sheer happiness-inducing value. Just looking at these photos makes me smile—and want to reach for my yarn and hooks post-haste!

  2. This is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to show it to my sweet “vintage” tweener who is the spinner of the family! She’ll be inspired…(so what did you listen to while you spun so many yards?)


  3. my goodness this is absoultly gorgeous. what a treasure! i am working on a pi shawl too, did you finish with the gull’s wing pattern? its very very beautiful. i hope you wear it often!

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