5 minute friday ~ my God is real

On Fridays around these parts we stop, drop, and write. 
For fun, for love of the sound of words, for play, for delight,
For joy and celebration at the art of communication.
For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited.
We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.

Today’s word ~ REAL


i’ve been asked ~ how do you know God is REAL?

and i have to answer ~

how can you look at a new born baby, see beautiful flowers,

or witness a marvelous sunset without knowing

God is real

but the most definitive reason i have to believe God is real

~ is because he changed me

i’m not the same person that i used to be

where there was resentment & bitterness

~ now there is forgiveness

where there was discontent & greed

~ now there is contentment with “enough”

where there was lies & deceit

~ now there is truth & openness

where there was deep-down hurt & confusion

~ now there is healing & peace


i think of the song

~ My God is Real

i’m gonna shout it ’til the whole world knows

my God is real, i can feel him down in my soul

and i’m not ashamed to let this whole world know

just how i really feel, because i know

my God is real…


4 thoughts on “5 minute friday ~ my God is real

  1. beautiful. yes, our testimony is the most powerful example of His existence for we are powerless to make these changes in ourselves. absolutely. powerless.
    have a great weekend!

  2. Great 5 minute post. And you pegged it. We know God is real because He personally touches our lives and transforms us in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine doing on our own. Thanks! And, I too, look at sunset and KNOW that God is real!

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