1976/1977 – do you remember

Kenneth Avenue Elementary ~ 2nd grade class photo

(I'm in the blue top/plaid skirt, middle of front row)

In the summer of 1976, we moved to a new home, new neighborhood, new school. But it was a good move, there were 7 girls around my age in the neighborhood. It was fun having kids to play with. And since we moved there in the summer, I had a chance to meet and become friends before starting school. I remember 2nd grade in Ms Dangberg’s class as one of my favorite years.

What else happened that year?

          • Jimmy Carter ~ president
          • Average income ~ $15,000
          • 1st Apple II computer on sale
          • Star Wars opened in theaters
          • Life expectancy ~ 73.3 years
          • Hotel California, Eagles ~ record of the year
          • 1st MRI Scanner tested in Brooklyn
          • Gas ~ $0.62
          • Stamp ~ $0.13
          • Eggs ~ $0.82


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