flushy ~ a probiotic toilet cleaner, the answer to RV tank smells

So by now you all know I live in a 24 ft travel trailer ~

And one of the “lovely” things about trailers is dealing with the smells from the sewage tank, especially if your toilet bowl does not hold water.

It gets pretty odoriferous.  I’ve used bleach and other chemicals, but they didn’t work.

Then I was heard of Natural House and their natural probiotic cleaners. They have cleaners for your home and for your RV.

You can watch this cute video that explains how they work.
Especially FLUSHY.  Which is not only safe for septic lines and tanks and such, it’s GOOD for them.

So I ordered some FLUSHY, and waited for it to arrive.

As soon as it arrived, I emptied the black water tank and followed the directions on the packet.

Drop one packet in the toilet, add a little water and watch it foam up! This a a good thing, because the foam releases the probiotics that keep killing the germs.

After foaming for a little bit I flushed the foam down and let it start it’s work in the holding tank.

Now I was a little skeptical, not sure if FLUSHY would really take care of the smell.

But it WORKED!!

The smell was gone, and still is gone.

The package contains 4 “doses’ that it says to use once a week. But I have found that I only need one packet per tank which lasts me about 2-3 weeks.

I haven’t tried their other products – Trashy and Sinky, but you can be sure I will be keeping FLUSHY in stock from now on.

And if you know any campers or RV’ers, tell them about FLUSHY. They will thank you!

No one paid me for this post, I just very happy with this product, it has made my life in a RV trailer so much better!

ps ~ it works great in your home also…

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