hibiscus silhouette canvas

I was wasting time browsing around on Pinterest and saw this idea, and followed it to this post

Normally most of the crafts I do are fiber related – quilting, knitting, spinning, sewing. But I thought this doesn’t seem too hard, I will try is for a couple Christmas presents.

Decoupaging the canvases was easy, if a little messy. I did manipulate my colors when I decoupaged so that they would work with the stencil – not just random colors.

Then to find the right image for the stencil. I first tried one and it was too busy, it had too many small “pieces” and I’m not that great with a paint brush. So I decoupaged over it.

The second one I tried, worked out better – but I traced it with thin-tipped permanent marker. It took probably 10 coats of paint to cover that (so on the second one I did, I used pencil).

Once the main color of paint was completed, I let them sit for a few days – trying to figure out if I was going to leave them plain, or embellish them with additional color. I decided to do some embellishing and I’m glad I did.

Here’s how one of them turned out ~ It was gifted to my brother & sister-in-law (who is from Hawaii).


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