on my mind – grandma crain

Grandma Crain is especially on my mind because we are gathering tomorrow to celebrate her 99th birthday.  Grandma stills lives in her own home (one of her daughters lives on the property and helps her).
She still gardens, does flower arrangements for church and is faithful to send out birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards to her whole family and probably friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than 100 on her list. And she doesn’t just sign her name, the inside cover of the card is full of a letter she wrote telling you about what she has been doing lately.

Grandma has always been busy with her hands doing some kind of craft or another. For years she made tray favors every month for a convalescent home in the area. She always has entries in the county fair – sometimes over 100 entries across different categories. She has made blankets, pillows, aprons, vests, wall hangings, etc from the 100’s of ribbons she has won. She has written articles and been written about many times in the local newspaper.

Last year at Thanksgiving, she brought a couple boxes of items (nick-nacks and such) and told us we could take home some of our inheritance early.

The best part of our inheritance is the heritage we have of her love for God and her family.

Grandma Crain is an amazing woman. 

photos courtesy of Leslie


2 thoughts on “on my mind – grandma crain

  1. WoW!! And so-o-o ♥ Beautiful a heritage that is being left! There are very few that could even come close to what she has achieved! What an example! : )

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