1000 thanks ~ 613-633

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above.

May 9-June 13, 2011

613  ~ the days of rain and wind

614 ~ peace in the storm of life

615 ~ knowing that God has walked the path that he leads us down

616 ~ cherries!!

617 ~ Farm Fresh To You – boxes of organic veges & fruits

618 ~ a couple knitted items – completed & blocked

619 ~ working with some lovely cream silk yarn

620 ~ good results from one of the medical tests my father had to take

621 ~ choco-chip cookie dough (uncooked, of course)

622 ~ boss willing to donate mirror for church project

623 ~ daughter’s graduation – she made it!!

624 ~ busy times preparing for Graduation banquet

625 ~ many hands to help

626 ~ a day of rest after the busy-ness

627 ~ the hardness of a cousin who died in a motorcycle accident (the first cousin on my father’s sid eof the family that has died)

628 ~ a Heavenly Father that holds me close when I find out my Father has aggressive prostate cancer

629  ~ knowing that “Thru it all – I’ve learned to depend upon the Lord”

630 ~ planning a vacation with friends – we are going to the ocean

631 ~  a good Father’s Day – lunch and visiting with family, and some pretty good watermelon also

632 – a father who taught me – the importance of integrity, that you always do what you say, that living a God-filled life is the only life worth living, that you love your wife and family through whatever you face, to love gardening and working with my hands, and that nothing tastes better than a cherry tomato picked off the vine and eaten right there. My father is the solid rock of our family, he’s quiet – but you listen when he speaks

633 ~ the opportunity to move into a bigger space, that has a fenced yard


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