1000 thanks ~ 469-488

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above.

March 8-14, 2011

469 ~ beautiful blue skies with whispy white clouds

470 ~ birds twittering

471 ~ singing out loud along with the radio

472 ~ get-togethers with friends

473 ~ surprising spring flowers

474 ~ help from brother and uncle – engine check light was only a loose fuel cap

475 ~ vacation planning with friends, sharing pizza and laughs

476 ~ laughing out loud at playing silly puppy

477 ~ trees budding out

478 ~ grey/black wisps of clouds in front of sunset

479 ~ blue sky of twilight

480 ~ daylight savings time

481 ~ having the heart of a servant for my Lord

482 ~ laundry done & refrig/freezer defrosted

483 ~ 50# bag of bird seed

484 ~ evenings cozy – knitting & listening to stories

485 ~ rainbow circle of fiber growing

486 ~ hearing rain on the roof

487 ~ friends returning glass jars

488 ~ burden to help those hurting

3 thoughts on “1000 thanks ~ 469-488

  1. Even though it’s Tuesday I needed more gratitude so I just came over from Ann’s.

    The whole list was awesome – but I liked this one the best: 480 ~ daylight savings time (so many people have grumbled about it – stupid losing an hour and all – it took reading these lists to find a semi positive “we weathered it” – and now your actual gratitude of it – I heart it too – the extra daytime) {smile} The way you write – this is is why I heart this community.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours Rae

  2. ooooops – sorry for the extra name on the end that isn’t yours – I have a friend on my mind – a little brain cramp – just pretend your name is Rae 🙂

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