playing with color – part 2

Well, I still had over half of the rainbow fiber left. I had recently watched a video on Navajo plying and I decided I wanted to try that. I would be creating a 3 ply yarn from one bobbin of yarn, I would still have pretty long color stretches and only a little barber-poling between colors as they changed. I continued to spin the rainbow fiber and as it takes about 20 minutes to spin 1 section of color, that multiplied by 20 colors and 5 sections of color each – it took a while.

Then I began to Navajo ply it and quickly remembered why it is suggested to let the singles rest for a couple days. The twist was so active in the yarn that it was really hard to work with. So it sat for about a week or so – and then I began to ply it. I worked on it a couple evenings over about 2 weeks.

It is similar in WPI as the two-ply I made, but it is much denser and has quite a bit more twist in it. I used my niddy-noddy to create a skein. I ended up with about 650 yards.

It’s amazing the difference in the two yarns, but they are both beautiful. I am working with both of them, alternating them on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi shawl.


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