1000 thanks ~ 443-468

A list of thankfuls – one by one, my goal is to list 1000, being open to seeing the many blessings and gifts from my Father above.

March 1-7, 2011

443 ~ the smell of blossoms in the breeze

444 ~ that I have a pastor that truly cares about me

445 ~ 1st vinca blossom

446 ~ virus scan programs

447 ~ left over Chipotle bowl

448 ~ the song “Even Winds Whisper His Name”

449 ~ chocolate chips melted inside a tortilla

450 ~ lady bug on the bird feeder

451 ~ ps – the feeders are empty again ( I need to buy stock in black sunflower seeds)

452 ~ hand winding a center pull ball of soft silk yarn

453 ~ this week’s vegetable soup – onions, garlic, bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, cabbage, home canned tomatoes, home made chicken broth, garlic salt, pepper, cumin, chili flakes – yummy!!

454 ~ grey lady bug visiting in the trailer this evening

455 ~ got my tax refund

456 ~ rainbow fiber spinning project almost completed

457 ~ miracles & healings

458 ~ the song – So You Would Know (God shows us every day how much he loves us)

459 ~ tulip tree in bloom

460 ~ puppy got a bath and a haircut

461 ~ stories that bring tears

462 ~ dog parks & dancing dogs

463 ~ Ravelry browsing

464 ~ sushi – Hings Special roll was really good

465 ~ fun batik fabric

466 ~ visit at work by Mom & nephew

467 ~ rain

468 ~ vanilla oreo cookies


2 thoughts on “1000 thanks ~ 443-468

  1. I can still comment on Multitude Monday lists on Saturday right? 🙂

    And today this was my fave from your list: ~ 450 ~ lady bug on the bird feeder (because I love bird feeders – and lady bugs – and this picture – and I hope the ladybug got a away before some bird thought it was a berry) {smile}

    I was blessed by this today. Thank you.

    May God watch over and guide you and all of yours.

  2. I’m just so glad I stopped by today. I clicked on the song So You Would Know and it was such a blessing to hear again! Thank you for that! Your list was beautiful!!!

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