playing with color

I saw this batch of fiber on etsy (sorry I don’t remember the seller).

It was merino fiber, dyed 20 different shades of the rainbow.

I purchased 185 grams (approx 6.5 oz). I had an idea I wanted to play with, so I bought some white merino from my LYS.

I split the rainbow fiber into 9 sections per color. Then I spun it,  progressing through the rainbow – pink, purple, blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, red. I spun it pretty fine, so the color sections were really long. I went through the color rainbow using 4 sections of each color and then started spinning the white onto another bobbin.

By the way, I love my MACH II spinning wheel. I did break a drive band while working on this fiber, so things got put on hold until I got a new one (they replaced it free).

I spun up about 4 oz of the white merino and began to ply the two together. I ended up with a beautiful barber-pole 2 ply, that is probably a fingering weight yarn.

I pulled it off the bobbin onto my swift (using it as a skein winder), it was one big skein, approximately 1860 yards. I washed it and then hung it to dry. I love the smell of clean wool drying.


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