Buddy came home

So Friday we (Mom, 2 sisters, 2 nephews, Bro Mike and I) drove to San Francisco. We stopped for lunch along the way.  We dropped Bro Mike off at his brother’s home. He was going with his brother & sister-in-law to Indonesia, and instead of taking the bus, we gave him a ride.

We got to the airport about 2:15pm, IPOD had left home at 2:30am in Kansas and made his way to CA via Houston, TX. We got parked and found the Continental Quick Pack office, where IPOD was waiting. The attendant said that there had been 2 cats and 2 other dogs that were on the same flight. I signed the paperwork for him. We all oohhed and aahhed over him, he is really cute, and headed to the restroom. One nephew was particularly concerned because I hadn’t decided on a name yet, so all day long he kept giving me suggestions – some were very interesting :-).  We went back out to the parking lot and played with the puppy a little, letting him run around. He was very good with my nephews, they were gentle with him.

Well then we headed south toward Half Moon Bay and stopped at a beach along the way. We all love the beach. It was really funny watching the puppy trying to run in the sand, he tried following my footsteps, but would tumble into them. Then he’d lay there just sniffing the sand and digging. The boys had fun playing in the surf and sand, one kept burying his legs or arms in the sand.

Most of us at least got our feet wet, some got all wet…

Back in the Suburban – we went on down to Half Moon Bay, drove around a campground, and talked about a camping trip. Then we headed toward home, but hit quite a bit of traffic as it was after 5pm by then. The puppy got passed around to be held and then finally he crashed – it had been a long, long day.

Saturday & Sunday went by reasonably smoothly, no accidents in the house yet. I’ve been diligent taking him outside regularly, and he is really good doing his business when I take him out.

I had so many names suggested, and I had thought about many. But finally on Monday morning, I decided on Buddy – it’s not very original, but he’s already my buddy.

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