Who or What is your hope in?

Is your hope in your job, in your finances, in the government taking care of you, in your friends, in your family, or in yourself? All these things can, do and will fail you! But if your hope and expectation is in Christ – you will never be let down!!

  1. Have we any hope within us of a life beyond the grave,
    In the sweet and vernal lands?
    Do we know if this, our tabernacle, were to be dissolved,
    We’ve a house not made with hands?

    • Refrain:
      We have a hope within our souls,
      Brighter than the perfect day:
      God has given us His Spirit,
      And we want the world to hear it,
      All the doubts are passed away.
  2. Blessed hope we have within us is an anchor to the soul,
    It is both steadfast and sure;
    It is founded on the promises of Father’s written word,
    And ’twill evermore endure.
  3. Hope has brought us through the dangers and temptations of the past,
    And we fear not those to come;
    By her blessings we’ll go forward, while our mortal life shall last,
    Then we’ll joyously go home.
  4. Since we’ve walked the strait and narrow way our path has ever shone
    Brighter, brighter, day by day;
    Hope within our hearts assures us it is better farther on,
    It is brighter all the way.
  5. Life will end in joyful singing, “I have fought a faithful fight,”
    Then we’ll lay our armor down;
    And our soul will break the cable here, and take its happy flight,
    To possess a starry crown.         William G. Schell  1893

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