10-19-09 our trip begins

our luggage

our luggage

Most of us started stirring around 4-4:15 (at least one of us didn’t go to sleep) – none of us were very awake it seemed. But we were moving – we took a picture of ALL our luggage and got it loaded in the Suburban. Then off to the airport at 5am.

Grandma #1 & Em

Grandma #1 & Em

At the airport – checking our luggage & on the plane – we are on our way!!

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

We made it to JFK Airport in New York – via Minneapolis, MN – the flight was uneventful – for that we were thankful. 

Us and our luggage at JFK

Us and our luggage at JFK

We all (and our luggage) got squeezed into a mini van taxi and got taken the our Hotel – The Wellington. We settled into our rooms and then us ladies went to explore. We walked a few blocks, ate dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant and did a little shopping (got the 1st shot glass for someone…) It is amazing how busy NY city is at 10pm on a Monday.

more to follow…


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