Birthday Gift

I have tried out spinning wheels at a few different stores and also when I took a claspinning wheel 9-23-09 002ss from Lizette of Spinglitz. The one that I liked the most was the Mach 1 by Spinolution. It was sturdy and solid enough that it wouldn’t walk away from me, it was a double treadle and the treadles were comfortably set apart. I also liked that it had been designed and made in California.  So after much deliberation, I decided to get myself one. But they had come out with the Mach 2 – which was the Mach 1 but with some upgrades. The Mach 1 was not available anymore – so it would be the Mach 2.

 I ordered my wheel from Lizette of Spinglitz (dealer). And two weeks later, I got a call saying she had received my wheel. So I drove up to El Dorado Hills and came home with my Mach 2 and some “birthday fiber”.

spinning wheel 9-23-09 005spinning wheel 9-23-09 003

And so the began the learning a new tool, playing with spinning 9-26-09 003fiber – and seeing what I could create. I have learned that I can make a tangled mess faster with a spinning wheel than with a spindle. But I can also create some pretty neat yarn faster also.  Using my “birthday fiber” I spun it up and navaho plied it, ending up with about 75 yards of about a worsted weight of yarn. It is fun seeing the colors come together. I am thankful to be able to learn new skills and to have been able to get this wheel.


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